21 Plump Celebrities You Wouldn’t Recognize

Celebrities are rich, famous and talented. Many of them are in great shape, but unfortunately that shape is a potato. Living a life in fame we thought that these celebrities would find the time to exercise and cook healthy dinners, but it seems that many of them completely neglected themselves, and as a result… well they turned into potatoes. If you’re eating cake right now we suggest you put it down, because what we’re about to show you is a list of 21 celebrities who went form skinny to fat!

Kristie Alley

Now she was a true stunner with a petite figure and gorgeous eyes, and nobody ever imagined that she would look like just a few years later. Kristie Alley became famous for her role in Cheers, and has won some Emmy awards and a Golden Globe since. While she used to be known for her outstanding acting abilities, she is now known for having weight issues and most of us would recognize her from the Jenny Craig commercials who advertise diets.


Kristie Alley

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