23 Women Who Seriously Need Rehab

We’ve all seen them before, the drunk and disorderly girls that roam the streets on the weekend nights. We need to remember though, that all the young ladies that we see tripping with their high heels and mini-skirts, and of course with makeup running down their faces, have parents. Yes, they too have parents who have countlessly tried to educate them to be elegant, classy and mature. So, if you thought that you were a bad parent, or that daughter was giving you trouble, check out the girls in this article, and you will instantly love your daughter and yourself just a little bit more.

Inappropriate Hands

This is wrong on so many levels. In the image seen bellow two girls appear to be holding on to this young boy in an inappropriate manner, specifically the girl in pink, who is grabbing the little boy’s package.

We are not so sure what these girls were thinking, and we don’t know who that young boy is and how he’s related to them, but we know for sure that this is inappropriate behavior.

In fact, if these ladies are over the age of 18, they could probably be arrested for something like this. We highly doubt that these girls were sober at the time this photo was taken, and if they were, we would be very concerned. Whether they were under the influence of drugs or alcohol, we would send them straight to rehab.


Inappropriate Hands

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