23 Women Who Seriously Need Rehab

Looking Good Ladies

If you’re not the type of person that looks good in photos, we can guarantee that being drunk won’t help. This is a horrifying picture of three really un-photogenic women, who appear to be really, really drunk. Here are just a few reasons why being drunk makes you look extra bad in photos:

When you’re drunk, you can become looking a bit pink in color.

When you’re drunk, you tend to be a lot sweatier.

When you’re drunk, you tend to dance like an idiot, making you look silly in photos.

When you’re drunk, you tend to lose every bit of elegance you might have.

When you’re drunk, you might make stupid faces, and as a result look bad in photos.

We hope that this information will remind all the un-photogenic people out there why they shouldn’t drink.



Looking Good Ladies

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