23 Women Who Seriously Need Rehab

Sleeping Toilet Beauty

Have you ever wondered why for centuries women have been going to the bathroom together? Let’s be honest here, it’s a pretty disturbing habit. So we found this photo, and we think it is a perfect explanation for that worrying habit.

Yes, women are scared to be killed by the toilet seats. Just joking, they’re scarred to pass out in the toilet because they’re so intoxicated. Drunk and disorderly, this lady passed out while at the toilet during a friend’s party.

Luckily, her friend was with her to take a photo and post it on the net. This photo is very disturbing since toilets at the clubs are super dirty, and we don’t want to think about all the germs on the floor.

We hope that this lady learnt her lesson, and that she wont drink so much next time she goes out.


Sleeping Toilet Beauty


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