23 Women Who Seriously Need Rehab

Mummy Fail

Yea…. No. We’ll repeat that in other words, if you though it’s ok to sit in your child’s high chair, it’s not… This doesn’t make her a bad mother, but it definitely makes her a drunk one.

Seriously, she didn’t think that it would brake? While it’s true, there are worse mothers out there, but we’re just thankful that her child wasn’t in the chair when she tried to sit in it. She must have been completely wasted at the time, and we’re a little worried because of that.

They say that you should only have children when you’re responsible enough to take care of yourself, and we’re a bit doubtful about this woman’s responsibility. We think that this mother needs to go to rehab as soon as possible, before any child gets hurts.

Mummy Fail


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