25 Weirdest Human Medical Conditions

Lobster claw syndrome (Ectrodactyly)

One of the more severe physical mutations, ectrodactyly causes the hands and feet to abnormally develop and babies are born…not with ten fingers and ten toes, but appendages resembling lobster claws.

It happens in utero while the hands are developing. When the hands and feet are forming and growing, a malfunction in the genes causes the middle digits to be “skipped over,” however it can also happen randomly.

What sufferers end up with are hands and feet with one or all digits missing, except for little fingers and thumbs. It has an incidence rate of about one in 90,000 individuals.

To this date there is no real course of treatment or therapy for those with ectrodactyly. The spaces between the thumbs and smaller fingers are usually lacking in infrastructure – bone, muscle and blood vessels.

At this stage, only complicated surgery can provide some relief and hope for those born with the condition.

Lobster claw syndrome

Lobster claw syndrome (Ectrodactyly)

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