A Wise Kitty

A Clever Kitty

Many of you pet lovers out there understand the joy that comes from nurturing our very own furry companions. They spread love into our hearts, and we make every effort to return it to them. Together, we share a bond built on trust and respect, and every once in a while, we see some truly incredible acts of love committed by our pets.

One excellent example is a cat named Winnie. She’s the 14 year old cat that saved an entire families lives. This story is unbelievable!

On any typical day, you can expect to find Winnie perched up on the windowsill in the master bedroom of her lovely owners. Which isn’t that uncommon in our feline friends. However, one cold night in March, Winnie’s habits proved to be a saving grace.

Earlier that day, the New Castle, Indiana, family borrowed a gas-powered water pump to suction out water that was flooding their basement. By the time night came, the temperature outside was freezing cold, and so every window in the house was closed. Except for Winnie’s.

Before Cathy (one of the owners) had gone to bed, she went into the basement and turned off the gas pump. By the time she got to her bed her husband, Eric was already asleep. Just down the hall is their 14 year old son, Michael, asleep in his room.

Little did they all know, the carbon monoxide emitting from the gas pump had filled the air inside the basement, meaning they have a cloud of toxic chemicals brewing beneath them.

When their homes central heating kicked in, the carbon monoxide began making it’s way throughout the house, being pushed out by the hot hair. Things weren’t looking good by this point.

The whole family continued to sleep through this. “But Winnie jumped from her window perch right onto me, meowing like crazy and scratching at my hair and face,” says Cathy. “She’d never acted like this. I thought, There is something wrong with this cat. I tried to get out of bed, but the moment I sat up, I felt like I’d been hit with a two-by-four. Then I got dizzy.”

Cathy fell unconscious back on to her bed, but Winnie didn’t let up. She carried on palming and scratching at Cathy until she finally came around for a second time.

Moments away from being knocked unconscious yet again by the deadly gas, Cathy attempts to wake her husband, Eric, but is unsuccessful in her efforts.

She manages to stand, grabs the bedroom phone in her hand and makes her way out of the room and into the hallway. This is where she finds her son, Michael sprawled across the floor, face down.

“I don’t know how, but I dialled 911,” she says. “It seemed like just seconds later that people were pounding on the door.” When the emergency services arrived, they carried Cathy out to the front porch before running back inside to grab the others.

All three of them were hospitalised for the night with sever carbon monoxide poisoning. One doctor had told them that if they had been just 5 minutes later, they could all possibly be dead right now.

Winnie was just an abandoned farm kitten when Eric and Cathy had found and adopted her. Now she’s a local hero. The family couldn’t be any more thankful to have Winnie around, and no doubt Winnie has been praised and celebrated for her keen intelligence and bravery in such an emergency.

Winnie could have easily leaped out of the only open window in the house and saved herself, yet instead, she saved the lives of her beloved family.

A Clever Kitty