America’s Fattest Cat

We’ve all heard the term ‘fat cats’, but when we’re looking at Sprinkles, the domestic shorthair from New Jersey, USA, ‘fat cat’ doesn’t really cut it. Maybe something a bit more accurate like ‘morbidly obese cat’ would be much more appropriate.

Sprinkles comes in weighing in at a mammoth size of 32 pounds! That’s the same weight as an average 4-year-old boy. That’s incredible, really.

For Sprinkles, her ideal weight should be between 11 and 13 pounds. So if you think, Sprinkles is almost 3 times as large as she should.

She must be going through a very uncomfortable patch, and has been doing so for quite some time. There are claims that her previous owner had been feeding her human food, which tripled the rate of fat that she was gaining.

As of now, she’s on a strict diet, but is still in a bad condition as she’s still struggling to walk or roll over with ease. She often needs a lot of help.

The sad thing is, cat’s love food. Any animal does. So if somebody is going to keep over feeding their pet with the wrong types of food, it’s considered to be rather cruel.

These animals don’t grasp the concept of being overweight like we do. They’re not aware of the consequences of their actions.

So really, people who do this are fooled by the idea that they’re giving their pets an instant treat, when really they are just burdening them with long term discomfort and health issues.


In regards to Sprinkles’s original owner, nobody really knows much about him or her. When sprinkles was found, she was discovered in a foreclosed house before she was taken to New Jersey animal shelter who took her to SOS.

Because of her obscene weight, Sprinkles also suffered from some other health problems. She was riddles with fleas and ear mights. As well as that, the poor thing had urine burns around her backside because her shape simply didn’t allow her body to bend round and clean herself the way other cats do.

On top of that, she has a lot of similar weight issues that we humans also have to endure. Things like her heart being stressed and having to work much harder, her joints in her legs are compromised and she has a lot less mobility of course.

Stacy added: “Our vet has developed a specialist science diet food which we will be switching her to.

“That will be very carefully measured so she loses weight carefully over the next year and a half.”

The road to recovery is going to be a tough one for poor Sprinkles. But after a year and 6 months, she’ll be pretty much back to normal.

America's Fattest cat