Bulldog Breaks Skateboarding World Record

Meet Otto, the internet sensation. Otto is 4 years old, lives in Peru and now holds the title for ‘the record for the longest human tunnel travelled through by a dog skateboarder.

Animals are amazing. Every creature on this planet holds something so unique, so natural and we as a race, are so lucky to be as intelligent as we are, that we’re able to observe these wonders. Not only that, but study them.

Animals from every corner of the earth can teach us something new. We learn from animals the same way they learn from us. It’s a very special connection that we all share.

Sometimes, it’s not totally necessary to venture out to the far reaches of the earth to find inspiration. It can be found in the face of a domesticated pet like Otto.

If you watched the video, you can see the eagerness dripping from Otto’s face while he gears up, ready to do something brilliant. He’s clearly an intelligent dog.

As he rolls he does his very best to stay in full flow, completely absent of fear. Once or twice towards the end he stumbles slightly but heroically manages pull it back.

When the challenge was over, he was met by a huge wave of applause from every person within the vicinity. He knew he had earned a status for himself by this point.

He was lifted up above the crowd and highly praised while he received his Guinness Book of World Records certificate. It was certainly a proud day for Otto.

No doubt he’ll return to the headlines a few years from now, where he’ll be the extraordinary dog that does cliff diving or something to that affect.

There is reported cases of animals behaving in strange or dramatic ways every day. It’s so refreshing to be able to live in a society where we can send and share these lovely moments with not only our loved ones, but the rest of the world too.

It’s dogs like Otto that continue to put a smile on the faces of hundreds of thousands of people, and he doesn’t even realise the scale of his own success.

It’s the humblest of acts. He does it for enjoyment, he does it to make people smile and make them cheer. He understands that he is spreading positive vibes because he’s the one getting the brunt of it all.

The Human race can certainly learn something from pets like Otto. It’s not always about getting one-up on someone, it’s about living life for the moment and living to enjoy it.

And if that means skateboarding through a hundred people’s legs on all fours, then that’s exactly what we should all do!

Not that I think anybody genuinely would, but there’s no harm in wondering. If you take one thing from this article, try not to be a pessimist.

If you would like to watch the full video on YouTube, you can do so by clicking here.