Celebs That Spend a Fortune on Their Pets

We all like to splash out on our pets from time to time. Let’s face it. They don’t exactly have the same capabilities or potentials for life as we Humans. Generally they sit at home, right in front of the door just waiting for you to get home so you can eat dinner and fall asleep.

So occasionally we use our built up guilt and buy our pets some treats and toys to make them happy. It’s only natural.

But here is something that will blow your mind. We’ve gathered a small collection of celebrities that go all out and just plain spoil their pets by showering them with cash.

Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton is living a very happy lifestyle, as she always tends to. From what we’ve gathered, Hilton has spent an incredible quarter of a million dollars on her pets entertainment.

She has 7 dogs, 3 cats, 6 ferrets, 4 sugar gliders, 1 pig, 1 parrot and 1 pony.

If I had as much money as Paris Hilton, I might do the same. But definitely not in the same way she’s done it.

Apparently she has bought her dogs their own 2 story mansion to live and play in, which also has a huge chandelier and even a plasma screen TV.

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