Dog Rescues NC Woman Who Fell

We are living in a world where peace and love is a rare surprise. A refreshing surprise, but most definitely rare. It’s not every day you see these mini miracles take place, although thanks to the technology we possess, we’re able to share all of these incredible stories with one another instantly.

It’s a wonderful time to be alive.
A dog with quite the heroic name has had his time in the limelight recently. Thor, who hasn’t long been rid of a reputation as an orphan dog, has been doing some rescuing of his own.

When an elderly woman living in the dog’s neighbourhood had fallen, Thor sprang into action to alert his owners and potentially saved this woman’s life.

Barbara Simmons, 78 had fallen down by the side of the curb one morning in early September, 2015 while checking her mail in the hot sun.

Barbara had been laying on the hot ground for half an hour calling out for help, but was disappointed to see nobody coming to help her in her time of need. Except for Thor. Who, when he had noticed her in distress on the ground he took it upon himself to go and check out the problem.

Simmons explained that at the moment Thor had approached her you could see it all over his face. The concern. Understanding that there is a problem and wanting to do something to help. She also said that it was like the dog was saying “Are you okay? Are you okay?” She went on to say that he was a very gentle dog.

Thor’s owners had admitted that their dog was acting rather strange that day, particularly disregarding their commands and running to the point of the incident, but looking back at them to gather their attention to follow him.

“He ran to this point and he stopped and looked back at my husband and barked at him a couple of times like, ‘I’m not going to listen to you,’ and he took off right around the corner,” said owner Anne Lewis.

Thor eventually managed to lead his owners to the elderly woman located nearly a block away, who was then able to assist her properly.

The EMT told Anne Lewis that Thor probably saved her life.

The owners are incredibly proud of Thor for his kind, intelligent and caring nature. They say that he has completely destroyed the stereotype that lives with his breed. His breed being part Pitbull and part Rottweiler.

“He has on occasion saved our chickens from a fox, survived being bitten by a copperhead, wrestled another fox, chased a coyote, and learned dozens of words and commands,” Anne Lewis said.

There are dogs like Thor all over the world, beaming with personality. He is a true testament to the love that respect that can be found between different species of animal like humans and dogs. Every day these marvellous creatures are astounding us and with the power of the internet, we’re all able to appreciate those magnificent tricks and talents.