Heart-warming Animal Rescue Stories That Will Make Your Day

We know how much we all love our pets and nothing fills our hearts more knowing that these beautiful animals ended up happily ever after from their ordeals.

The kitten in the Road

Meet Skidmark aptly named after his run in, on an intersection. This cute kitten had snuggled down on the undercarriage of a vehicle and remained there until the vehicle, now in motion on the highway, suddenly fell.

Luckily for Skidmark a woman on her bike saw the kitten in danger and bravely stepped into the road to stop traffic and brought him to safety.

After finding his rightful owners, Laney (the woman who saved him) purchased the kitten for herself, thus naming him Skidmark.

Its safe to say that Skidmark no longer snuggles up on the undercarriage of vehicles.


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