Horse Sense

Chloe-Jeane Wendell has always had a very unique rapport with animals, ever since she was a little girl. Think of her as a real life Dr. Doolittle.

So when her family had brought Sonny Boy home to their farm in Louisiana, the 16 year old high school junior had bonded so wonderfully closely with her palomino quarter horse, more so than anyone ever expected.

Sonny Boy was a bit of a problem horse, once upon a time. He was spooked by anybody that came close to him and couldn’t handle dealing with human contact. Needless to say, nobody was able to catch him.

The remarkable thing is, with Chloe-Jeane, she seemed to have an immediate calming effect on Sonny Boy. She didn’t even have to try. It’s like they lit a spark between them on first contact.

She was the only one who managed to get close enough to actually mount him, and take him for a ride.

The reason this horse is having articles written about him, is because he showed an act of true love towards his friend, Chloe-Jeane when he bravely protected her from an out-of-control Pitbull.

At the local Redbud Festival parade in March 2008, the whole Wendell family, Mark and wife Bobbi Jo, Chloe-Jeane, and her younger sister, Kristen, 15—clothed themselves in Western gear and trotted on their horses behind the Vivian sheriff’s contingent.

Out of nowhere a Pitbull had rushed out from within the crowd and began furiously attacking the horse that her younger sister Kristen was riding. As the horse kicked back, Kristen hopped off to avoid being thrown off the horse and injuring herself.

The snarling dog then turned it’s attention towards the young girl. Chloe-Jeane jumped off of Sonny Boy to protect her sister while her parents watched in horror.

When Chloe-Jeane had let go of the reins, she realised Sonny Boy’s discomfort around other animals, and so she expected him to run away. Yet, as the Pitbull turned to attack Chloe-Jeane, Sonny Boy jumped in the way and kicked the crazy dog square in the face. He rose up over his fears and protected his friend.

The relentless dog immediately switched target on to her fathers horse and began tearing gashes into it’s legs. Luckily, it wasn’t long at all before animal control officials rushed on to the scene and managed to successfully capture the dog, ending it’s reign of brutal terror.

Chloe-Jeane’s friends clustered around her, saying, “Your horse saved you!” Now, I’m sure we can al agree that the behaviour was highly unusual. “I’ve been around horses all my life and have not seen one take on another animal like that,” says her father.

That night, Chloe-Jeane visited Sonny Boy out in the pasture and rewarded him with treats, and told him how much she appreciate his protection. But she has reason to believe that Sonny Boy already knew exactly how she felt about him.

Sonny Boy will likely remain a true hero in the eyes of Chloe-Jeane’s family.