How To Toilet Train Your Cat

Amongst the many benefits of toilet training your cat, you can enjoy a cleaner home, fewer bad smells in the air and no need to clean out a litter tray, which lowers the cost of having a cat as well as meaning that there is no risk to pregnant women when it comes to cleaning up after the cat.  With just a little patience, you can successfully toilet train your cat.

To start this process you will need a few things:

– A toilet training kit

– Flushable litter

– Treats

Make a Transition From the Litter box

If you have a kitten, you don’t need to do this step.  This part is only for adult litter trained cats.

The first thing that you will need to do is move your cat’s litter near to the bathroom.  The best placing for the litter tray is right beside your toilet although you may want to move the tray every few days until it is where it needs to be.

Next, you will need to raise the litter tray.  You should use books, newspapers or magazines to increase the height of the litter tray every couple of days.  You know your cats best, so only raise the tray each time as much as you know your cat can adapt to.

Start to actually Train Your Cat

Once you’ve successfully increased the height of the litter tray, you should then move onto the training kit.  Place the first seat in the kit onto the toilet.  You should ensure that there is some flushable litter in the seat.  Take the old tray away.  You should let your cat adapt to the new position of the ‘tray’ by leaving the training seat on the toilet for a few days.

Eventually, when you feel that your cat is getting used to the training seat, remove the first inner ring of the seat.  You will either notice that your cat takes quickly to the hole in the seat, or it may take your cat a little time to get used to the idea.

You should remove the second ring after your cat has been using the seat confidently for a couple of weeks.

Complete the training

Again, when your cat has got used to the second ring, you should remove the next and so on until you reach the final ring.

If you find that your cat has any problems in any of the stages of toilet training, remember you can always go back a step

You should use the treats to frequently reward your cat when it remembers to use the toilet so that it will remember that this is a good thing to do.

When you have removed every ring from the seat, you can completely remove the cat training seat and your cat should be fully toilet trained.

It is advisable that you keep the training seat so that you can use it with a new toilet if you decide to get a new home or if you refurbish your bathroom.