Labrador Pup Saved From Drowning by Sailors

Say hello to Noodle. The Labrador pup. This brave dog was riding on a boat just off the coast of Italy with his owner when he escaped his leash and fell overboard.

After Noodle fell of the boat, he began treading water like any dog would naturally do, and waited for his owner to notice what had happened. To Noodle’s confusion, the boat didn’t stop. It sailed further and further away until it was out of sight.

Noodle was alone.

Luckily, being the brave and patient dog that Noodle is, he was determined to keep himself afloat. He doggy paddled about until thankfully another boat had spotted, only minutes later.

The people on the boat that spotted Noodle were Italian sailors from the YCC Savoia Club.

When they managed to bring Noodle aboard their boat, they noticed he was physically exhausted. He was breathing hard, shivering furiously and his legs were almost paralysed by the cold!

It was certainly a close call for this young pup but he managed to pull through until help arrived.

Noodle seemed to have a pretty great trip back to shore. He sailed with his ears flapping in the wind and was able to warm up with a nice, cosy towel wrapped around him in the direct sun.

Upon Noodle’s arrival back to shore he was reunited with his owner. The owner was over the moon that his pup was still alive and well, although he did say that he was very annoyed and of course, upset at the fact that Noodle was left by the ferry.

Which I’m sure we can all agree is understandable. Although, it’s a shame that the owner wasn’t keeping a better eye on his young puppy whilst travelling on water for what I should only assume was the pups first time.

I’d guess that Noodle was pretty nervous and fidgety during the ride, and so once he broke free from his leash he’s unknowingly taken a leap out of the boat, assuming there would be dry land.

Now Noodle is safe and sound back at home and doesn’t tend to go near water. I wonder why.

If you would like to watch the video of his rescue, you can do so by clicking here.

You’ll notice in the video how hard this little puppy had to swim in order to fight the current that was leading him away from the boat that eventually rescued him.

When he was pulled aboard, you can hear the weeping and whining coming from Noodle as a result of the distress of being left out in the open water.

The good news is, he recovered from this trauma pretty quickly and enjoyed the rest of the journey back to shore.

I think it’s probably safe to say Noodle won’t be making anymore rash decisions again, since the last time he did that, it almost cost him his life.