Longest Ears on a Dog

Meet Harbour. He holds the record for the longest ears in the Guinness Book of World Records measuring in at 34.4cm (15.5inches).

This measurement was recorded and won the world record back in June of 2010. To our knowledge, he still holds the record to this day.

Unlike humans, dog’s ears come in all shapes and sizes. They can be floppy, folded, large or small. However, they all serve the same purpose of course. To funnel sound.

Did you know that at least 18 muscles work to tilt, raise and rotate these furry appendages, helping the dog identify and capture sounds from different directions?

They’re incredibly powerful compared to human ears, and you can tell a dog’s level of attention by noticing the way their ears move.

When you see a dog’s ears standing up and pointing straight, it’s an indication that the dog is fully engaged with whatever is in front of them. Ears that are standing up, but are slightly pulled back shows that the dog is feeling friendly.

I guess in the case of Harbour, it would be much harder to tell, as his ears are so long and floppy, they can’t exactly stand up like they would on a German Shepherd for example.

When you notice the ears laying straight back it shows that the dog is feeling fearful or timid. Which, if you’re the one raging at the dog, you’re probably too blinded by anger to even notice. But who can blame you when your beloved companion leaves a steaming stool on your pillow.

The interesting thing about the individual ears on a dog, is that they move independently from each other. They do this because they sense of hearing is so acute and purposeful, it helps for them to be able to hone in on a particular noise.

Even during the lonely, quiet hours of the night, a dogs hearing is still hard at work. Dogs are able to hear things that we simply couldn’t do without the right equipment like hearing the bodily movements of termites in the walls or the high frequency pulse of the crystal resonator used in digital alarm clocks.

Dogs that are domestically raised can here a significantly higher frequency of sound than humans can. Although still not as high as cats. But who really cares about cats right now? This is Harbours moment in the sun for his amazing accomplishment that he didn’t have to work for at all.

The larger a dog’s ears, the more difficult it is to examine, in most cases. Plus it also means they are more prone to having to deal with problems including parasites or yeast infection.

This is something Harbour will most likely have to have looked at, at some point in his life, unless his owners take extra care over the longest ears in the world. I would imagine they do daily check ups, going over it with a swab every time.