Rescued Dog Returns Favour, Saves Owner’s life

As a yellow Lab’s owner was hiking in a remote California canyon began to suffer severe heart problem , but was saved by his beloved pet Labrador, Rocky. Rocky is now being recognised as a hero for leading his owner to safety.

Before the incident, the Lassen County Animal Shelter had taken in Rocky as an abused dog after spending days trying to catch him. Rocky had shown signs that he was scared and lonely by hanging around the shelter. For some reason though, he wouldn’t allow anybody to come near him.

When he was finally captured by the animal shelter, it wasn’t long before the staff had noticed the injuries to Rocky’s body. Apparently somebody had tried to leave Rocky for dead after shooting at him, leaving buckshots riddled over him.

Which now makes it perfectly understandable why he was so nervous to trust another human being after his most recent encounter. Especially considering the fact that Rocky may have already built a trust with the sick person who tried to leave him for dead, how is he now expected to be calm and trust any strangers that seem to want to grab him.

Because of the shock that Rocky had to endure after having a gun pulled on him, it turned out that he was not fit to be put up for adoption. Instead, the shelter took an approach that they saw as a last resort.

Rocky was enrolled into a program that pairs prison inmates with homeless dogs. The reason for this is to increase the confidence of both the inmate and the dog.

Rocky’s participation in Pups on Parole program was life changing: the timid dog came to the program frightened and unsure of himself, and emerged confident and relaxed.

Humane Society employee Mary Morphis said that if it wasn’t for that program, Rocky probably never would have made it out of that shelter. It’s changed the whole direction of his life.

Now it was the problem of finding a home for Rocky. Luckily, a prison employee heard the story of Rocky and insisted on taking him home as a good companion for her husband, Floyd, during his frequent rock hunting trips in the canyons.

So, she took Rocky home and he settled in very comfortably. A month had gone by, Floyd and Rocky were out rock hunting when suddenly Floyd began to suffer unbearable chest pains. His heart had started beating irregularly, causing his to collapse.

Every time Floyd lost consciousness, Rocky licked his hand until he woke. Unfortunately, Floyd was disorientated. He tried to find the way back to his car and got lost.

If it wasn’t for Rocky guiding him the right way and refusing to follow his owner further out into the wilderness, Floyd may not have found his way back in time.

And so, the once troubled, homeless dog, turned his life around and became a local known hero. If he can do it, so can we.

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