The World’s Fattest Cat

Meet Elvis. He’s the fattest cat in the entire world, weighing in at 38.5lb (17.5kg). He’s so fat, he’s barely able to take a few steps before his muscles become overworked and can no longer continue to carry the load.

It’s a sad thing to have to witness in all honesty, because cats are very free animals. A cat shouldn’t be bound to stay at home because he’s too unhealthy to make it anywhere near the front door. And even then, what good is a cat flap when you’re way too big to fit through it?

Cats are astonishing creatures, the roam, they lurk and hunt for their pray. They’re known for being very fit and agile in the urban environment we humans have produced over time.

So for Elvis, you can imagine that he has a very different lifestyle altogether. Elvis is in fact a diabetic. 7 years old, he is on a very strict no-carbs diet and also has two insulin injections a day to help control his unfortunate diabetes.

It’s not a natural thing to see any animal this overweight, it’s causing problems for his health and causes much extra needed care for the owner as well.

Elvis first came to the attention of the animal charity Arche 90 five years ago when he weighed 31lb (14kg) – seven pounds less than he currently does.

It’s no surprise that an organisation devoted to the health and care of animals would willingly step in to a case such as this.

He was placed in to the charities care in late January. It is still unclear what type of conditions Elvis was living in when he was being taken care of by his previous owner (before Arche 90 animal charity).


On the bright side of things, since his enrolment with the animal charity,  Elvis is on a steady path to slimming down. His diabetes is certainly an obstacle but he is in the perfect hands to treat it and care for him properly now

Elvis is now on a good, healthy, steady diet. Every single one of his meals are weighed to fit his needs, and so far, since his diet began he has already shredded two pounds. Well done Elvis!

Katrin said, “He was in a bad state. Elvis could hardly walk and had to more or less crawl around. His muscles were not strong enough to carry his weight.’

Now that Elvis is doing so much better, he’s beginning to walk around further, and it won’t be too long now before he’s fit and healthy, able to jump and play like any other cat would.

At one point, Elvis was submitted into the Guinness Book of World Records as the heaviest cat in the world, but unfortunately the Guinness Book of World Records responded to them saying, “we do not keep records of the world’s heaviest pets”.