These Devoted Dogs Will Melt Your Heart

Dog lovers and dog owners everywhere will understand the joy that comes with having a dog in your family. They’re smart, they’re funny and they don’t care about people laughing at the silly things they get up to.

Dogs have so much unconditional love to give, it’s only fair we share the love back. So here’s 5 different dogs that will make your day.


In 2003 A policeman discovered a greyhound locked away in a shed. When he found the dog, it was clear that it had endured several kinds of abuse. It was filthy, it was scared and severely malnourished.

The policeman took her to the Nuneaton and Warwickshire Wildlife Sanctuary, a place founded and run by Geoff Grewcock to care for sick and injured animals.

Grewcock said that when he first met Jasmine, he could tell she was emotionally damaged but by nature, was a very gentle dog. She started nurturing the other animals, making sure they grew to be healthy and strong.


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