Things You Should Know Before Adopting a Rescue Pet

You’ve reached a point in your life where you are thinking about getting a pet. You don’t mind exactly what pet you have, you’re just interested to find a new companion for the family or maybe just for yourself.

You’d prefer to have either a cat or dog, and breed is unimportant to you. This means you’re the sort of person who would probably consider adopting one of the thousands of animals currently living in shelters all over the UK.

Making a decision to adopt a rescue animal is a tricky one. Especially to those who are not properly informed on the matter. So for your convenience, here is a short article providing information you’ll need to know if you’d like to adopt a rescue animal.

A Rescue Pet, Isn’t Always a Problem Pet

If the term ‘animal shelter’ gives you an image of stacks and stacks of cages, all filled with delirious, raging cats and dogs then please allow me to stop you right there.

There is all sorts of legit reasons an animal would be taken in by a shelter. And it’s fair to say 9 out of 10 times, it’s down to the owner being neglectful, abusive or perhaps careless.

Any of these animals that are unfortunate enough to have developed health or behavioural problems are treated by a veterinarian before putting them up for adoption. You would also be informed of special requirements.

These Animals Need a Forever Home

Adopting an animal is a huge responsibility and one that should not be taken lightly. If anything, adopting an animal from a shelter is more responsibility because you’re adopting an animal, knowing that it has been abandoned once already in it’s life. It’s not fair to risk that happening twice.

You need to be sure that you have the stability, both financially and mentally to support a pet and meet its specific needs and requirements.

Think about the important aspects such as kids you may have, will they get along with a pet? Do you have the capabilities to walk a dog every day?

Get to Know Your Rescue Pet First

The fact that you want to adopt an animal from a shelter is a wonderful thing. You’re bringing a family environment into a very scared and vulnerable animal.

You should be sure that the animal you choose to adopt is compatible with you and your lifestyle before making it official.

Try not to just go by looks. Think about how this particular pet would fit into your routine. If you’re not very active, it’s not a good idea to adopt a dog that was born to run, it’s being fair to both you and the animal.

How Does the Adoption Process Work?

Many shelters you go to will ask you to fill out a short questionnaire to try determine which kind of animal you are looking for. It’s not uncommon for the shelter staff to follow up with an informal interview in order to get a better understanding of you and your lifestyle.

Some things you will need to complete the process:

  • Proof of ID
  • A written agreement from your landlord stating you’re allowed to have pets
  • Vaccination certificates for pets you already own (if applicable)

You’ll then need to submit an adoption request. If approved, you’ll pay the adoption fee and be on your way!

It’s not over yet

Once you’ve adopted your chosen animal and you’ve taken it home. Some shelters may ask you if it’s possible to arrange a follow up check. They will come to your home and check up on the animal’s progress, how they’re settling in, etc…

If your shelter doesn’t do this, you can be sure they’d be interested to find out how their former charge is getting on anyway, so you can always send pictures, videos or letters to inform them.

Hopefully this article has helped you make an informed decision on adopting a new companion.