21 Awkward Wedding Dresses

Every girl dreams of the day that she will get married; first, she dreams about the man she will marry, then she dreams about the song that will accompany her down the isle, she imagines the princess like shoes she will wear on her feat, and of course, she depicts her dream wedding dress very vividly in her mind. Unfortunately for some women, that very same dress they imagined turned out to be horrible. And because we found it so entertaining, we decided to list 21 of these dresses for your pleasure. If we could kindly ask you not to laugh so loudly at them, because its mean. Just joking, you can laugh as loudly as you want.

And don’t such scroll through the images, because some of the things our writers wrote will get you on the floor.

‘I’m not a virgin’ dress

Excuse us for the bad language, but this dress shouts ‘I’m not a virgin.’ We actually don’t care if this bride’s a virgin or not, but it’s definitely a confronting outfit to get married with.

It robes the bride of any elegance and mystique, and probably made the guests very uncomfortable, let alone her father. Wearing this dress (sorry, lingerie), she agrees to share her body with not only her soon to be husband, but also with his brothers, friends, family members, and with really anyone else who attended the wedding. Even worse, the chance of one of her breasts sliding out of her bra at some point is quite high, especially if there’s going to be dancing.

The flowers she decided to pin to her lingerie were actually quite beautiful, but they would have definitely provided the bride with a more elegant look if they were attached to a dress instead of a bra. The garter on her leg is clearly visible to the naked eye, and most definitely adds to the tacky cheap look. In saying that her hair was done up really nicely, and it’s just a shame she couldn’t choose a different outfit.



‘I’m not a virgin’ dress

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