21 Awkward Wedding Dresses

‘Booby dress’ oops we meant to write ‘Barbie Dress’

At the beginning we weren’t sure if this woman was being serious when she left her house looking like that. Apart from the fact that she looks completely plastic, there is just way too much happening at the top; the diamantes, the fake tan, and of course the boobs that just pop of the dress.

We need to reinforce the last part of that sentence; her assets are jumping out of the dress. She in fact looks more like a playboy bunny than a bride, and don’t get as wrong, she probably doesn’t mind that.

The dress however is actually quite nice; it has a gorgeous shape and a lovely shade of white. The main problem with her dress is its lack of class, and it actually looks more like a prom dress than a wedding dress. We think that with just a few adjustments, her dress could have actually been stunning. A few less diamantes, a bit less boobs, and this dress wouldn’t have gotten into our list of 21 shocking wedding dresses.



‘Booby dress’ oops we meant to write ‘Barbie Dress’

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