21 Awkward Wedding Dresses

The ‘Autumn’ Dress

While we’ve seen several hideous dresses, this is probably one of the worsts- and we will explain ourselves. This dress is half bearable, and half not. The white part of the dress is actually elegant, it sits beautifully on the brides’ body, it has a beautiful white color, and the design itself is really pretty. So why did this bride decide to ruin her dress with that pink fuschia-lined gown?

? The pink clover like design takes away all the elegance of the dress, and turns it into a pathetic attempt to have a special wedding dress. It ruins the shape of the dress, and takes away from that angelic bridal look.

While we can give the bride a few points for matching the jacket, the overall look is still shocking. And the shoes? It’s all too much for us. The sole of the shoes match that hideous pink clover design, but what was she thinking wearing bright blue shoes?

We believe that one can go nuts and wear something crazy (it doesn’t mean we won’t criticize them), but one simply cannot wear half crazy and half elegant. The bride however has beautiful features and is very pretty, and we her best of luck in the future.



The ‘Autumn’ Dress

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