21 Awkward Wedding Dresses

The ‘Cleavage’ Dress

What the heck is with this trend? Listen girls, if you have them jubblies, you can show them off, but try and keep it classy! The guests at the wedding definitely got more than they haggled for when they saw this girl walk down the isle.

We can probably find a few more offenders who have taken the love of their lady lumps to a whole new level, but this dress will definitely win the compilation. Her breasts are extremely large, and there’s just no way that she could keep ‘em in that dress.

She is actually very pretty, and it’s just a shame that she neglected all her class when she wore this dress. If we leave the top part of the dress for a bit (if it’s possible), the lower part of the dress isn’t very complimenting; it looks like a bad fairy dress.

We aren’t sure who the lucky man was, but we hope he wouldn’t let her leave the house wearing something like this ever again.


The ‘Cleavage’ Dress

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