21 Awkward Wedding Dresses

‘Preggy Belly’ wedding dress

So this dress left us speechless. It wasn’t enough that she got pregnant before the weeding; she wanted everyone to see it very, very, clearly. This dress creates an awfully shabby look, instead of the elegant and modest look that a bride should convey. Even more so, the focus should usually be just on the bride, and with this pregnant peekaboo dress, the focus is clearly on the foetus she is carrying in her stomach.

Apart from the fact that this dress is simply horrible, it has no shape what so ever, and it pretty much looks like a sack.

The awkward slit down her leg doesn’t help either, and it makes the dress look worse than it already is. The material is also wrinkled, and appears to have stains on it.

Apart from that we thought we might give this lady a break, and compliment her shoes; the shoes seem elegant and they match her dress. Her corsage is also quite nice, and it sits nicely on her wrist. We thought we would leave out our thoughts on the necklace.


‘Preggy Belly’ wedding dress

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