21 Awkward Wedding Dresses

‘We don’t know what that is’ Wedding Dress

So Mama June, the star of the popular reality TV show ‘Here Comes Honey Boo Boo’ wore an awful dress to her wedding, and it actually made us cringe. We think that the design of her dress is a mixture between whipped cream and silver foil, and it is definitely the opposite of class.

The material that resembles silver foil is definitely not an appropriate choice for this floor length whipped cream shaped dress. There also appears to be a camouflage print on the shocking material, which depicts an unpleasant image of war and death. We think that a wedding should have a nice and peaceful environment, and this dress really just ruined it in her wedding.

What makes this dress even worse is the orange underlay that peaks from under her dress; it makes the dress look cheaper than it already does, and makes the dress resemble a Halloween costume. In fact, the orange undercover adds a comic edge to this dress, making it appear as more of a joke than a serious bridal dress choice. At least Mama June kept the white vale traditional, and she even matched the bottom of the vale to the colour of the dress.


‘We don’t know what that is’ Wedding Dress

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