Top 20 Animal Memes of 2015

They’re cute! They’re funny! They’re smart! And…occasionally a bit gross. They are our beloved animal memes. Though we humans have been making idiots of ourselves for centuries, managing to win thousands of Darwin Awards in the process, we can’t deny it – some things are just funnier in animal form. Sure, we can all make duck lips for selfies, but it’s far more hilarious if a camel does it. Animal memes are anthropomorphism at its absolute finest.

Today we are bringing you a really special treat: 20 of the very best animal memes of 2015. These animals are impersonating superstars, taking over Motivational Posters and are generally having a jolly good time. Some of these will be brand new to you, others you may have seen previously lurking around on the internets, but have had new life breathed into them over the past year. We hope you’ll laugh your socks off (just as we did). Come on, join us in the countdown until we reach number one – can you guess which meme is the very best?

Call Me, Maybe Raccoon

There’s no need to hide it – we know you read this in Carly Jae Repsen’s singing voice. First up in our countdown is our Call Me, Maybe Raccoon. Our innocent-eyed raccoon is given the full pop-culture treatment when he’s teamed up with this catchy chorus, mimicking one of the strangest (and most grammatically-poor) songs of the last few years. No matter how you slice it, slick editing and a funky garage band can’t cover up strange lyrics. Don’t forget that bridge: “Before you came into my life, I missed you so bad” – say what? Well if it’s got a up-beat tempo and sells singles then sure, why not?

Unfortunately for our club-beat loving, friendly raccoon, having rabies is the fastest way to get a one-way, all expenses paid ticket to the local vet clinic. Imitating a pop star won’t be able to save you buddy, but it sure makes a funny meme, don’t it?


Call Me, Maybe Raccoon

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