Top 20 Animal Memes of 2015

Invisible Harp Cat

If you’ve ever owned a cat, you’ll be well aware that they possess some very interesting, and unxplainable, qualities. This includes their uncanny fondness for all things musically-oriented. They love to meow haunting melodies at chorus practice in the middle of the night. They scratch the furniture, leaving lines that resemble sheet music. They play keyboards, strum guitars and even – as shown here – can play an invisible harp. With such talents it’s no wonder they made a hit Broadway musical in their honor.

Nyan Cat is an internet legend – being able to fly, make rainbows and sing at the same time. Grumpy Cat, Keyboard Cat and LOL Catz are likewise social media royalty. But we think that Invisible Harp Cat gives them a run for their money. Come on – how is it possible that she holds that pose so perfectly, while keeping her expression relaxed and calm? It’s not everyday that you come across that kind of professional talent.


Invisible Harp Cat

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