Top 20 Animal Memes of 2015

A Very “Special” Alpaca

You’d have to be a very trigger-happy and patient wildlife photographer in order to be able to record creatures behaving at their very best…and in this case, their not-so-best. In the split second this lovely alpaca turned to flick her hair in a Hollywood-worthy way, she unfortunately had both a neuron lapse and lost eye coordination. Not to worry though – an expert photographer was waiting on standby and managed to capture it on film. Talk about a Kodak moment. Um…save this one for the back of the family album…

We all think our offspring are gorgeous and special in every way. Well duh, of course they are, they come from our own stunning gene pool! In saying that, it’s obvious that this little alpaca’s good looks came from someone on her family tree. There’s a high chance that this lady’s mama was also somewhat prone to facial nerve malfunctions (and maybe a little bit of myopia).


A Very “Special” Alpaca

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