Top 20 Animal Memes of 2015

Grandparent Kittehs

May we have a drumroll, please! The crown and the title of Best Animal Meme of 2015 is…Grandparent Kittehs! This meme had us well and truly rofl-ing and left us with tears streaming down our cheeks. Grandparent Kittehs is, hands-down, the best we’ve seen in a long time (and we’ve seen a lot).

Why? Because if you’ve ever in your life made a Skype, Tango or FaceTime call to your grandparents (or newly-technolgically-inducted parents) you’ll recognize the pose that these kitties are pulling off. That off-center camera-angle, the close up chins…we can hear their conversation already…”Hello? Honey? Is this thing on? No, I can’t hear you…”

On the other hand, their innocent faces may just have us fooled. It’s highly possible that these guys are top-notch undercover agent cats, employed by none other than – you guessed it – LOL Catz International. Their mission? To take over the internet, one Facebook “like” at a time. They’ve already managed to infiltrate this “Best of” list…so where will they strike next…?


Grandparent Kittehs

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