Top 20 Animal Memes of 2015

Interpretative Dance Squirrel

There’s only very few things that can’t be explained through interpretive dance – the price of nuts, for one. However, Interpretive Dance squirrel will give it his best shot anyway. Just look at the way he holds this impressive stretch! What flexibility! What poise! (What a hairdo!) All that’s missing is a tiny leotard and he’s well on his way to stardom. If Alvin and the Chipmunks can get famous by rehashing famous songs at an annoyingly high pitch, why can’t Interpretive Dance Squirrel grace the Hall of Fame?

Just in case you were wondering, interpretive dance is a style that developed as a break away from traditional forms, like ballet. Our friends at Wikipedia say it’s a dance style that seeks to transform human emotions and experiences into twirls, leaps, cool arm movements and flexible bending. We’re sure this guy here has a great story to tell about the hardships of finding enough nuts and the cold winds of winter. Performing soon at a park near you!


Interpretative Dance Squirrel

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