Top 20 Animal Memes of 2015

Shufflin’ Piglet

Yet another fine example of animals impersonating pop stars, number 17 is cute, funny and somewhat strange all at the same time. Green galoshes? That’s so 2009. Piglet on a techno beat infused quest? Yawn, seen it before. Truffles? Still ridiculously expensive (costing upwards of $168 per ounce). Maybe if our friend of the swine persuasion here is successful on his hunt he can trade in some truffles for some rockin’ popstar bling. That’ll pick up the shine in those rain boots, eh?

On the other hand, if they’re looking for extras when re-shooting LMFAO’s Party Rock Anthem for generation 2016 (because anything that’s five years old is like, ancient), piggy here looks like he could bust some mighty moves that’ll put any backup dancer to shame. Don’t let that round piggy tummy fool you, he’s totally got what it takes. Haters gonna hate.



Shufflin’ Piglet

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