Top 5 Most Weird and Unusual Animals on Our Planet

As we all know, our dear planet Earth is home to a whole bunch of wild and wonderful creatures (us included). Whether in the air, on land or under the sea, unusual and unique animals flap, whistle, grunt, growl and squeak their way into our lives. They can be squishy and slimy, jiggly and jumpy or just plain ol’ fluffy and freaky. Yet no matter their appearance or their unusual behaviours, they certainly add a pinch of quirkiness to our existence. Here are 5 of the world’s most unusual and weird animals, let’s see how many of them you’re familiar with…

Peekaboo Pinky

Peek-a-boo, we see your…large intestine? One of the many, incredibly fascinating transparent creatures on our humble planet, this Pink See-Through Fantasia is actually a species of sea cucumber. Not to be confused with innocuous veggies hiding in your crisper, sea cucumbers usually shuffle along ocean floors feeding off leftovers from other predators’ snacking, though Pinky here can actually can swim quite well. Being a recent discovery, we still don’t know too much about them, making them all the more intriguing. They also happen to strongly resemble Minions…is this where they came from?


Freaky Fuzzy Moth

Some people (well, most people) would be uncomfortable with having something large and fuzzy collide with their face while out on a moonlit walk in the rainforest. Well if this guy was to get stuck in your hair, at least he could double as an attractive accessory. Walker’s Moth, which likes to hang out in South America around Peru and Costa Rica, looks like a regular moth that had a fist fight with a feather boa and couldn’t get unstuck. His huge,brightly colored (and dare we say, fluffy) eyes make this exotic moth as endearing as he is strange.



It’s a tiger…no, a lion…no, what?

Remember how in science class your teacher once explained that mules are not a separate subspecies, but a result of donkeys and horses eloping? Well, think along those lines and prepare yourself to meet the liger. Something of an impossibility in the wild (they’d never hit it off at a savannah speed date), these cuties are half lion, half tiger, hence the unusual name. They may look cute and furry, like this liger cub here, but the genetic mix between the two species causes them to grow extraordinarily large just like Hercules – who holds the 2014 Guinness World Record for being the biggest cat.



Batten down the hatches, it’s a Blobfish

Though undoubtedly one of the strangest creatures you’ll ever set eyes on, the Blobfish is already famous for seeming to have drawn the evolutionary short straw. These fish have been voted the world’s ugliest animal and serve as the official mascot of the Ugly Animal Preservation Society. But rather than being the butt of a bad joke or two (or twelve), we want to intervene on its behalf. If you didn’t have any muscles, or a skeleton, you’d look like a giant pink spitball too, especially when pulled out of your natural gravity-lacking habitat. Please, be fair and be kind – animals have feelings too, y’know.



We are Pro-Proboscis Monkey

No need to throw around witty one-liners about facial appendages or start impersonating Steve Martin’s character in Roxanne, the Proboscis Monkey has heard and seen it all before. But don’t think that they hide up trees, deep in Borneo’s jungles, because they’re ashamed of their appearance — they’re quite proud of their extraordinary noses, just like a hippie is of an unusual piercing or tattoo. It’s sad to hear then, that they’re an endangered species – maybe they could be hipsters’ new poster boys?