When Cute Animals Get Even Cuter – 20 Adorable Animals (in Their Pyjamas!)

Just when you thought that LOL Cats, cute puppies and motivational posters had already taken over the entire universe, someone comes up with something even cuter: baby animals in pyjamas. Perfect for staring at adoringly on these cold winter mornings, these photos will make you generate enough warm and fuzzy feelings to heat your entire neighbourhood. Take a look at these 20 gorgeous animals, snugly rugged up in their jim-jams. Now on the count of three, cue the collective gushing, one, two, three, awwwww……

Love Cats

We know, we know, there was bound to be a cat in here somewhere. But even you avid dog-lovers must admit our feline friends can be adorable. Though Mister Kitty here seems a little less amused by his get-up, you can bet it’s keeping him warm and cosy. Not many pets can fit inside a baby’s jumpsuit, but Mister here pulls it off better than a runway diva. The wild animal print is decidedly appropriate as well without being too flashy.

Cats are the quintessential cuddly, warm and friendly pets with which we are very familiar. They are flexible, friendly and fond of snoozing on your lap, keeping your legs toasty warm on a cold winter’s day. If they’re not sleeping, they’re usually napping in the sunlight, dozing in an armchair, or daydreaming in the garden. They purr loudly enough to register on the Richter scale and have been our companions for centuries. What’s not to like?


Love Cats

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