When Cute Animals Get Even Cuter – 20 Adorable Animals (in Their Pyjamas!)

Pajama Pug

Okay, Pugs are really cute when they’re little; the big eyes, the squashed up nose, and the little ears that flop over their heads. Although baby Pug wearing pajamas are really adorable, people tend to love older Pugs too, who don’t look as cute even when they wear pajamas. There’s something about people’s affection towards Pugs that really needs some explanations. We did some research and found some interesting Pug facts that make people like them.

Pugs possess the qualities of a big dog, in a little dog body. They don’t have the energy of a small dog, and are not too big, making them a perfect match for a house pet. The fact that most Pugs are lazy makes them funny to look at, and they usually love everyone.



Pajama Pug

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