When Cute Animals Get Even Cuter – 20 Adorable Animals (in Their Pyjamas!)

Baby, Baby, Baby Goat

Just look at that face! Can’t you just imagine how soft her glossy coat is? What about her long, velvety ears? She looks absolutely warm and fuzzy which is why she deserves to be on this list. This Little Miss certainly knows how to work the camera too, batting her sparkling eyes directly down the lens. Throw in a decorative headband and a stuffed toy and you have one adorable animal!

Though they may not be at the top of the traditional list of cute and cuddly animals, goats, especially baby goats, can be gorgeous. But apart from being cute they are also quite useful. Goats’ milk is a wonderful substitute for conventional cow’s milk, as the lactose content is slightly lower and the milk fat is naturally homogenized, meaning that many lactose-intolerant people can enjoy drinking it with no ill side effects. Goat’s milk is also famous for soothing, moisturizing and treating a variety of skin rashes and conditions, including eczema. Not just a pretty face after all!


Baby, Baby, Baby Goat

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