When Cute Animals Get Even Cuter – 20 Adorable Animals (in Their Pyjamas!)

Llamas in Pyjamas

This South American cutie has managed to squeeze into a pair of fleecy men’s pyjamas. This sky blue shirt and pants set is printed with fluffy clouds that colour match with the llama’s cosy white coat. And the pink bunny ears? A nice touch. Maybe his owner, who happens to be wearing matching fluffy monster feet slippers, came up with that one. Cute, cute, cute.

Llamas (and alpacas) are well known for their fabulous hair and tall stature, as well as for their somewhat less cute ability to spit. They are reminiscent of a cross between a horse and a sheep, and have been used as a replacement for these animals for centuries (though they are actually more similar to camels). They are excellent pack animals, navigating hills and valleys with ease, as well as being owners of a unique curly coat. Llama hair is used to produce wonderful soft wool that is a suitable substitute for traditional sheep’s wool in blankets and garments.



Llamas in Pyjamas

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