When Cute Animals Get Even Cuter – 20 Adorable Animals (in Their Pyjamas!)

Pigs in Blankets

At number five on our list of adorable animals are these little piglets. Encased snugly in brightly colored fabric, they certainly seem like they’re enjoying themselves. Have you ever held a baby piglet? Well they’re wriggly, warm and soft, and they make a cute bundle to carry around. Just look at this brother and sister, snuggling together on the bed. Dressed warmly in baby pjs, dreaming on a soft, fluffy blanket…we certainly think it doesn’t get any better than this.

Pigs, though not the conventional choice as house pets, are great companions. Just think for a minute about children’s books and movies starring them – Charlotte’s Web and Babe for starters. Intelligent, playful and highly social, you can have fun with them in ways that you can’t with a dog or cat. Mud puddle? Baby pig is ready to cannonball in! Just make sure you bring a raincoat. Too many food scraps? Baby pig is your own environmentally-friendly, portable, natural composter, making great use of your leftovers and preventing food waste, yay!



Pigs in Blankets

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