When Cute Animals Get Even Cuter – 20 Adorable Animals (in Their Pyjamas!)

Sleepy Lil’ Sloth

If you’re a fan of the Ice Age movie series then we’re sure you’ll have recognized this cutie already – a sweet little sloth. (Though you have to admit, he’s way more cuter than Sid!) This little newborn radiates so much cuteness we thought our eyes would pop out of heads. Check out that soft fur! He looks so incredibly cozy and comfortable, surrounded by warm towels and blankets. And if that hasn’t convinced you, look at his sleepy, dreamy eyes – we’re definitely ready to curl up for a nap with this one!

Sloths are famous for their slow, sleepy and gentle demeanor. They also love to hang out in trees, spending most of their lives dangling upside down from branches. Rarely on the ground, their tree homes are where they eat, sleep and gain their sustenance. Though they can sometimes eat small snakes, the occasional lizard and some bugs, sloths generally prefer to dine on tender leaves and plants. What gentle and cuddly creatures, indeed!



Sleepy Lil’ Sloth

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